Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July

Hello, im a random person who is doing this.

English: The journal, complete it. By tues must hand up.

Science: The worksheet, homework worksheet(finish it), and the summary(continued from homework worksheet)

ADMT: The elderly research

History: The lesson 4(PEE) and the slides if you havent finished

Geo: STUDY for graded quiz next week.

Maths: Viva vid by mon, and the graded assignment(by next friday if im not wrong)

I&E: If you haven't finished the google sheet, you better finish it.

If i miss out anything, tell me :PP

Signing out~~~Random person assigned by Christabel~~~


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  2. Still have more hw.

    CL: Do the 十一 课 questions after reading the passage. The questions are from the 课文放大镜.

    Adv: If haven't finish the reflection, must do then let parents sign it, and sign the report book if havent done so. Bring on tues.....