Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13th September

The Google Site (Refer to English blog)
The Performance Task.

Those who have gotten less than 50% for the previous level test, would have to go for one-time Support class: To redo the test paper.
The cross method worksheet and test paper, please bring it tomorrow.

You'd better bring the Chinese Compo by tomorrow. Or you. Are. Dead. (Just kidding)
Bring the test papers too.

The Health Science practice questions worksheet by the end of this week...
Explore the Activity 1 for the worksheet (Transport in Humans) we have received today.
Science file: Get empty parts filled up/rearrange file, and also remember Mr Sim will be at the lab (Physics, if I'm not wrong) every Tues and Thurs til 5pm. There, you will ask him what you need/want/should have to ask.

The Elderly Challenge thingie.... T_T

From next week, those groups who ought to bring their vid cameras and paper, bring them on those specific days...

Bring the $20... for the yearbook...

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