Thursday, June 28, 2012

28th Jun

Remember to do the research on the environmental issues~

Hand up the holiday homework to the Maths reps. The two worksheets (Algebra and Graphs etc) hand up to Ming Yi, the Common Test 2011, to Dawn.
Page 33, Assignment 1, Question 3c, 3d, 5b, 6.
Page 34, Assignment 2. These two to be done by Tuesday. 

For goodness sake, please do the two questions from the common test. ._. 
Also, please do the questions in the newspaper. Refer to the article we were doing today. 

Please do the crossword puzzle activity.

Finish assignment 1 and 3, on the ejournal 07.

S&W reps. Just do all the jobs Mr Hiap told you to do so. 

Urm is there History homework. I can't remember. 

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